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    Vinyl sheet piling is increasingly used due pressure on the hardwood industry, replacement costs and the issue of durability. Vinyl sheet piling is a good alternative bank protection product that is more frequently than they were 10 years ago. Due to its long life, plastic/vinyl is an excellent alternative to wood. Vinyl sheet pile Geoflex is due to the low purchase-, transportation-, installation cost and the long lifespan a good solution for shore protection and retaining wall.

  • Vinyl sheet pile


The Geoflex product
Geoflex was developed as a replacement for tropical hard wood in applications such as earth-retaining constructions and bank protection. The aim was to produce an economically viable sheet pile with a long service life. An optimal weight/strength ratio was determined with the aid of computer models. This gave rise to two types of profile: the Geoflex 210 and the Geoflex 420.

Why Geoflex?
Vinyl is a material that has excellent resistance to weathering and possesses a long service life. Furthermore, it is unaffected by natural substances that occur in the soil, rodents and salt and fresh water. This makes it possible to develop bank protection and earth-retaining constructions with a much enhanced service life.

Geoflex profile weighs only 3 to 5 kg/m2 and thus the 210-C (corrugated sheet) weighs only 11 kg/m2. It is therefore very easy to handle, even in longer lengths. Before installation, two sheets are assembled to form a 0.5 m wide profile.

This provides the following benefits:

  • Low transport costs
  • High production
  • Lightweight installation equipment

Geoflex can be installed by means of a “water jet system”, free fall hammer, pneumatic hammer or vibrator, or, if the ground permits, it can be inserted with an excavator. At greater depths or in the case of hard ground, a steel guiding sheet pile is used. Geoflex can easily be combined or connected with other construction materials. The sheets can be glued, welded, sawn or drilled. Wood, concrete, steel or plastic can be used as a cap and wale system.

The application of waling with anchoring is also possible.



Applications of Geoflex vinyl sheet piling include:

  • Sheet pile
  • Retaining wall
  • Cutoff wall
  • Temporary earth retaining wall for cut-off trenches or water retaining wall for excavation


Design information Geoflex

The length of the Geoflex sheet pile is determined on the basis of a sheet pile calculation. The length of the pile is dependent on the local soil conditions, the retaining height and the local load next to the sheet pile.

Geotechnics geotechnical department is available to make a design of the pile type and length for both small and large projects. It is also possible to give a second opinion on existing designs.

The designs are made using the commercially available software, Dsheet (Delftgeosystems). In case you would like to make your own design. The following parameters can be used in the calculations:

For a Geoflex design, the following parameters are required:


  • Cross section of the construction
  • Retaining height
  • Waterlevel
  • Sketch of the area and location where the sheetpile is required
  • Life loading next to the sheetpile during construction and life time

Geotechnical data

  • Ground profile (borehole, SPT, CPT)
  • Geotechnical parameters (unit weights, strength characteristics, stiffness parameters)


  • Deformation criteria
  • Wishes with regards to possible anchoring of the wall

Please get in contact with us, when you have only part of the above information as stated above. It is always possible to see if we can make an indicative design of the sheetpile length and costs to see if our product is an economical solution for your project. If so we can advise in the additional investigation to be executed in order to make a final design.

Specification & Documentation

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